Software protection for home

Security Software Protects Your Family and Company – On the web too

Security Software Systems products are built to be the most effective AND easiest to use software tools to monitor and filter ANY content on your PC. Control and record computer ALL computer activity including email, applications, web and internet content, chat applications, peer to peer networking and even office applications such as Word, Powerpoint, and ALL other Windows PC applications. Set limits as strict as you wish, or simply use the reporting tools to determine how your family’s or company’s computers are being used.

Have reports or screen captures emailed to you, or login to the administration screen to adjust filters or configure your own detailed reports. Our newest product, CSWEB, also enables you to monitor and administer any computer remotely.

Of cousrse not all gaming sites are bad as such – many of them offer free games and they have no malware, downloadable software or anything that could abuse children. Some of them have themes and nicely organised games. We do not recommend though these sites as such and our software is good at blocking potential threats to children especially. Social gaming sites like clickfun, slotomania or igaming outlets like are good examples. To play safely visit the trusted online casinos on – the online casino guide and free play demos site – we can only recommend the Australia facing pokie site that passes adult rated criteria on free games.

“I have researched many software monitoring programs online and even tried a few free trials. None can even come close to CSWEB from Security Soft! I could have saved myself a lot of time and money! I purchased 3 programs before CSWEB and could not get them to work correctly.

CSWEB is not only very user friendly, but affordable and their tech support is like nothing I have seen for any product! They respond immediately by email and or phone! I wish CSWEB would come in a software bundle package with all new computers for parents. In this computer world of ours parents need to be aware and know what their kids are up to before…….not after the fact! It gives me great peace of mind because we can’t be there every second they are online. With CSWEB you can watch at the time they are on securely from your computer or at a later time.”

Dane Arkord
CSWeb Customer