Dental diagnostics

Software updates and security solution play an important role in dental diagnostics as well. In order to properly perform a check-out dentists need sophisticated device of all sort. Proper screening, storing and retrieving data is essential in today’s world – as pen and paper are replaced with computers, printers and folders or files are stored in digital format on a hdd. Dental diagnostics is now more of a concern for many reasons.

Any medical device require certain functions and they need to be reliable – and what is more: they need to meet certain regulations. Doctors are not technical specialists with a technical mind. They can use the media or device if they function as they should.

What sort of equipment do they need to know more about? Think of X-ray or CT scan that help with screening – a better option to see the tissue, bone and other formation in the mouth of the patient. velscope used in a dental clinic

Now this information need to be stored and retrieved as many times as the dental specialist whishes – and this when safety, security issues do come in. Think of privacy, data processing issues and protection of rights. You may use cables to transfer CT scan images or the X-ray results. Alternatively, wifi or bluetooth or any radio signal can be a way to send the images to the personal files on PC – to archive for patients for immediate evaluation or future use.

This is only one aspect of personal data stored, used and retrieved in the medical industry. Most modern device are attached to PC’s and data is transfered in many ways but all the data needs to be handled carefully.

Another aspect is when a patient intends to get the treatment abroad – he or she needs to send sensitive data to dental clinics, agents to get the treatment plan and the price offer known as quotation.

The procedure is simple: patient sends personal data, previous treatment history and an x-ray to get the offer from the clinic or the dental tourism operator. The process is fast and effective way of saving money – dental patients can save Ł4-5000 on their local treatment costs. “It is worth visiting a dentist abroad” says Zoltan of laportadental kft in Budapest  – “as the costs are lower and patients get the same quality treatment if not better.”

Privacy via the website form or messages sent in e-mails can be abused by third parties normally not involved in the dental holiday arrangement.

Personal details, medical condition descriptions are not meant to get in the hands of any other person outside the regular framework. Use proper protection for e-mails, messaging systems, data systems to protect sensitive users’ data between patients and dentists.