Predator guard

So who’s chatting with our children?

“Predators and pedophiles are a real-time threat anytime a child is on-line”
Detective Mike Sullivan, NPD

Continuously monitors a child’s online activity.
Developed with Law Enforcement. Fill the void of protection that site blocking technologies disregard. Reduces the risk of exposure to on-line predators and pedophiles. Deploys quickly and easily. Enables a safe online experience.
One in five children who go online are approached by predators!!

Children who go online have become a prime target for predators and pedophiles. Chat rooms and instant messaging programs are a haven for online predators to lure children into cyber sex and into giving them personal information about themselves.

Do you know who your children are chatting with?

Developed with law enforcements online forensic investigators, Predator Guard solves the dilemma of keeping children safe from online predators and pedophiles, in chat rooms, instant messaging and e-mail, in real-time. While parents cannot continuously monitor a child’s on-line activity, Predator Guard can. Predator Guard detects all undesirable predator traffic by profile matching word and phrase combinations. ‘Are you home alone’ and ‘Don’t tell anyone’ are typical of many that were identified, and included, within the core Advanced Recognition Engine’s database.

The user defined library prevents disclosing of personal information, such as home address, telephone number, school name and other information that is essential for a predator to make contact with your child. Once a conversation turns predatory in nature, Predator Guard will get the child out of harms way by warning them of the danger, takes a screen capture of the conversation and closes the application. Its e-mail notification feature alerts parents that their child’s online conversation dialog has turned predatory in nature, and they need to view the capture database to determine the severity of the danger.

Predator Guard capture database can be used by law enforcement to pursue and prosecute predators and pedophiles.

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