CSWEB™ provides easy and comprehensive Internet Filtering, Monitoring and Control for your home computer. CSWEB™ allows you to remotely manage your family’s internet and PC activity just by logging into the CSWEB server from any computer connected to the Web!

CSWEB™ offers dynamic, real-time access to your child’s computer use, including all Internet activity, and gives you the ability to review what they are seeing and doing on your home computer. CSWEB™ logs all web sites and chat sessions on a per-user basis, and also provides screen captures of any prohibited content such as pornographic web sites, predatory conversations or inappropriate data or documents. It allows you to time-manage internet access and display your own home Acceptable Use Policy.

You also have access to a wide array of built-in reports to get an accurate idea of everything your child uses the family computer for, allowing you to make informed decisions in deciding what your children should and shouldn’t view on the computer, allowing you to guide your children’s computer usuage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you may be.